My name is Yisel and I’m a travelaholic. Wanderlust with me as I share with you all my travel adventures and bucket list dreams. I will tell you everything, from how I plan my trips to how I pack. You’ll be joining me on my journey and will get to know all the hotels I stay at, the places I eat, and the things I see. All my adventures will be yours too! And, who knows, maybe the travel bug will bite you too. But, just know, once it gets a hold of you, there is no going back. You will forever crave the feeling of a new unknown place, you will dream about the savory cuisines, and the gorgeous views.

       Once you get a taste of what this beautiful earth has to offer, of the many diverse cultures and amazing people, your mind will be somewhere else, constantly. So…..are you ready for the journey? I know I always am! And let me tell you, there’s no money more well better used than that money which is spent on experiences and travelling. I cant say I’ve ever regretted taking a trip, on the other hand, I never think I travel enough. So read on, get inspired, and plan your next wanderlust.

Au revoir mes amours,

P.S- You’ll get the real story from me,
the honest story and not just the highlights.
I’ll tell you what I would have done differently,
or what I wouldn’t hesitate repeating.
Basically, the good the bad and the ugly.
Also, I don’t know french, I just wish I did =).